The WALSAIP Project is committed to contributed in the development of environmental testbed sites (ETSs) at various environmental observatory locations in the island of Puerto Rico. At the present time WALSAIP is contributing with two ETS collaborative efforts: JBNERR testbed and Guanica testbed.

JBNERR Testbed
A distributed sensor network testbed is being developed at the Puerto Rico’s Jobos Bay Natural Estuarine Research Reserve (JBNERR). The reserve has more than 2800 acres and it is located on the southern coast of Puerto Rico, between the municipalities of Guayama and Salinas. It is administered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and it is managed locally by the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (http://nerrs.noaa.gov/JobosBay/).

Guanica Testbed

The Guanica Forest, a coastal forest in the southwestern part of Puerto Rico, has been identified with seven vegetation, containing a total of more than 700 species of plants. The WALSAIP project is collaborating with the development of an environmental testbed site for the monitoring of the Puerto Rican crested toad  Bufo (Peltophryne) lemur, a designated threatened specie protected by the Lacey Act.