The WALSAIP project is developing a conceptual framework for the automated processing of information arriving from physical sensors in a generalized wide-area, large-scale distributed network infrastructure. The project is focusing on water-related ecological and environmental applications, and it is addressing issues such as scalability, modularity, signal representation, data coherence, data integration, distributed query processing, scheduling, computer performance, network performance, and usability. This new framework treats signals as elements in prescribed sets and their associated structures. In essence, the WALSAIP project is developing a computational and information processing (CIP) framework to deal with the algorithmic treatment of signal-based large scale content in order to extract information relevant and important to a user.

Graduate and undergraduate students are supporting the WALSAIP project in multidisciplinary research endeavors which are classified into three main layers, namely, the physical layer, the  distributed systems and middleware layer, and the application services layer.