Glenn Haselfeld
Principal Research Scientist, Lockheed Martin IS&S (Phoenix, AZ)
Manuel Jiménez, Domingo Rodriquez, Nayda Santiago
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at UPRM
Ana Nieves
Social Sciences Department at UPRM
This project deals with the study of technological and productivity challenges in the areas of synthetic aperture radar data processing to support space-based digital imaging applications.  Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is a form of radar in which sophisticated post-processing techniques are used to produce a very narrow effective beam for detailed imaging applications. It is used on moving instruments like an aircraft or satellite, over large and relatively immobile targets.  SAR has found vast applications in remote sensing, mapping, and strategic areas.
Examples of use of SAR include the total mapping of the surface of Venus by the NASA Magellan probe and the Mars Scout Radar Project, which contemplates launching an orbiter mission to the red planet to map its surface geomorphology and shallow subsurface and detect buried water channels and other features that could enable future manned missions.

Projects like this open a new window of opportunities to our local talented students to work in high caliber research projects that have been traditionally carried only in mainland.  It serves as a seeding initiative to breed a new type of industry in Puerto Rico, based on research and development and using the human resources produced by our leading Universities. 


The Lockheed Martin Project is providing some WALSAIP professors with the opportunity to interact at the research level with an industry partner.